Police Department


Chippewa Township Police Department


 Chief of Police
Robert C. Berchtold


 Police Department Overview

The police department is located in the lower level of the Chippewa Township Municipal Building.

The Township Police Department consists of the chief, seven full-time officers, eight part-time officers and one full-time police clerk.

One (1) of the full time police officers is assigned to detective duties on a full-time basis.  This position is a very important component in investigating crimes committed in the Township.  The arrest and conviction rate of persons responsible for crimes has increased drastically since a detective has been put in place.

Our officers are on duty twenty-four / seven and are always willing to help those people in the time of need.

So if you need the Chippewa Police, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (724) 775-0883 and in case of emergency dial 911.