Township Staff & Offices

Board of Supervisors is the governing body of the Township.  The Board is comprised of three members who are elected to six-year terms at large, with elections every two years.

The Township is a Supervisor-Manager form of government with a Township Manager who runs the day to day affairs of the Township and reports directly to the Board.  The Board is the executive and legislative arm of the Township responsible for all aspects of local government.  They appoint members and serve as liaisons on the various boards and commissions of the Township. (Sanitary Authority, Recreation, Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission, and Shade Tree Commission).

— Board of Supervisors —

Chairman – James Bouril

Vice-Chairman – Daniel T. Woodske

Supervisor – Bryan Wright

Manager – Mark Taylor



— Contacts —


Township Services
Police Department 724-843-8227
Fire Department 724-847-0391
Road Department 724-847-0694
Chippewa Library 724-847-1450
Magistrate’s Office 724-770-2003
Recreation Department 724-581-5495
Sanitary Authority 724-891-2058



Township Contact Information

James R. Bouril  Chairman – Supervisor  724-843-8177 x 108
Bryan Wright  Supervisor  724-843-8177 x 109
Daniel T. Woodske  Vice Chairman – Supervisor  724-843-8177 x 107
Mark Taylor  Township Manager  724-843-8177 x 102
Cindy Clark  Administrative Assistant  724-843-8177 x 100
Casey Arbogast  Administrative Assistant  724-843-8177 x 100
Beth Popik  Financial Officer  724-843-8177 x 103
Eileen Keenan  Zoning Secretary  724-843-8177 x 104
Linda Rawding  Real Estate Tax Collector  724-846-4824
Dawna Pella  Code Enforcement/Zoning  724-843-8177 x 106
Lauren Doyle  Recreation Department  724-581-5495