Zoning & Permits


Zoning Secretary

Eileen Keenan

The zoning secretary works with you to handle and manage permits and applications for any building or development projects within the township. 

You can access the applications in PDF format below.  Please click here to contact the zoning secretary with any questions concerning this process.   


Zoning Map

Zoning Map

Chippewa Township Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ord. Chapter 27 Part 1 Amended 3-2019

Zoning Ord. Chapter 27 Part 2

Zoning Ord. Chapter 27 Part 3

Zoning Ord. Chapter 27 Part 4

Zoning Ord. Chapter 27 Part 5

Zoning Ord. Chapter 27 Part 6

Zoning Ord. Chapter 27 Part 7

Zoning Ord. Chapter 27 Part 8

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

SALDO Part 1

SALDO Part 2

SALDO Part 3

SALDO Part 4

Fee Schedule/General Application

2023 Fee Schedule


Re-Zoning Application


Sub-Division of Land Application

Variance Zoning Hearing Board Application

Conditional Use & Ordinance Amendment Application

Application for Land Development

Sub Class Applications

*Please complete the form online and email to Eileen@chippewa-twp.org, or print, complete and mail or drop off application to Chippewa Township, 2811 Darlington Road, Beaver Falls, PA 15010.

MDIA Residential Additions Guide & Permit_Fillable

MDIA Swimming Pools Hot Tubs and Spas Guide & Permit_Fillable

MDIA Single Family Dwelling Guide & Permit_Fillable

MDIA Manufactured & Industrialized Homes Guide & Permit_Fillable

MDIA Detached Structures1000sqft or more Guide & Permit_Fillable

MDIA Existing Commercial & Multi Family Guide & Permit_Fillable

MDIA Solar Arrays Guide & Permit_Fillable

MDIA Demolition Guide & Permit_Fillable

MDIA Sign Guide & Permit_Fillable

MDIA Commercial & Multi-Family Guide & Application_Fillable

MDIA Deck Guide & Permit_Fillable